Rotary 2023 in Review

In 2023, the Rotary Club of Hamilton experienced a year filled with diverse activities, significant milestones, and heartfelt memorials. Here’s a summary encapsulating the club’s key happenings:

1. Memorials

The club mourned the loss of two esteemed members:

   – Rabbi Bernie Baskin, a respected member since 1981, passed away at the age of 102.

   – David Seldon, Past President in 1990, was remembered for his dedication and service.

2. Guest Speakers

The club hosted several notable guest speakers, including:

   – Roger Ali from the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton.

   – Victoria Long-Wincza and Ruth Mazuka of Arts4All.

   – Adam Oldfield on the future of Artificial Intelligence.

   – Spooky Steph for a hauntingly historic gathering.

   – The US Consul General for diplomatic engagement.

3. Events Participation

The club was actively involved in numerous events, including:

   – 25th Christmas celebration at Cathy Wever School.

   – Giving Tuesday initiative.

   – Rotary Tailgate Party for the Hamilton Grey Cup 2023.

   – World Polio Day commemoration.

   – Summer Literacy Camp for over 22 years.

   – Junior Achievement (JA) World of Choices event.

   – Ethical Dilemma Essay Contest at Westview Middle School.

   – Support for

   – Career Exploration Day for students.

   – Rotary Golf & Southern Cookout and the announcement of the Rotary Fall Classic Golf Tournament 2024.

4. New Members and Leadership Changes

   – Welcomed new members, including Debo Adedeji and Stewart Wynne.

   – Transitioned the club presidency from Cathi MacDonell to David Elliot.

5. Awards and Recognitions

   – Adam Oldfield and Shelley Mousseau were honoured with the Paul Harris award.

6. Educational and Community Initiatives

   – Supported the ethical dilemma contest and literacy programs.

   – Engaged in community service and international relations.

7. Anniversaries and Historical Reflections

   – Celebrated Rotary’s 113th anniversary.

   – Addressed myths about Rotary, emphasising its transparent and inclusive nature.

In summary, the Rotary Club of Hamilton in 2023 was a hub of community service, educational initiatives, international engagement, and leadership development, all contributing to the enrichment of the Hamilton community. The club’s activities spanned from honouring past members to welcoming new faces, from hosting diverse speakers to participating in various events, reflecting its dynamic and impactful presence in the community.