Rotary Hamilton Fights Hunger in our Community – Service Project

Rotary Hamilton Fights Hunger 

Rotary fights hunger in our community.  Rotary Hamilton is launching our first hands on service project for the new Rotary Year! We know that the pandemic has taken a toll on our community. Food insecurity was an issue before the pandemic and now is an even bigger issue.

We are encouraging Rotarians and Rotary Friends to support a local Community Fridge Project. Let’s fill the fridge & fight hunger!

What is a community fridge?

Community fridges are a volunteer run, publicly accessible, low barrier resource, from which community members can get free food. Community fridges are a method to reduce food waste, and by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word, are a method to provide care for one’s own community. They have gained a lot of prevalence recently, as the pandemic has highlighted the need for mutual aid.

The fridge, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is located at the Merit Brewing warehouse at 249 John St. N., just south of Barton Street East.

Over the next few weeks we are asking Rotarians to purchase food for the fridge. Let’s fill the fridge!!!

Rotarians can donate fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs or frozen foods. Get a few extra items when you are doing your grocery shopping. Drop them off at the Community Fridge.

You can also make your Lunch For A Cause donation – put your $25 lunch fee to good work. All donations during the month of July will be used to purchase food for the Fridge.

Let’s help feed our community. Grab some extra food and place in in the fridge or make a donation to our Lunch For A Cause (www.rotaryclubhamilton) and get a tax receipt for your donation. We will be doing a grocery shopping evening to purchase food with the funds raised to help fill the fridge.

Donation Guidelines:
Fresh fruit & vegetables
Bread, baked goods
Dairy & alternatives
Frozen foods
Cooked meat (e.g. cold cuts)
Sealed non-alcoholic drinks
Grab-and-go foods
Pantry items
Meals/goods from certified kitchens (labelled w/ kitchen name, ingredients/allergens, prepared/best before date)

Take a photo while filling the fridge. We want to share the important work we do on social media and with our fellow Rotarians. Send you photos to [email protected]