Small Acts…. BIG Impacts (Sunshine Fund)

It’s time to give! This is what it’s all about!

The month of Love…. February! What better way to express your love for Rotary than to support our annual Sunshine Fund Members Appeal? We are launching our annual members campaign in February with two goals: 

100% of our Membership Support

Rotary needs you

 The Sunshine Fund Members Appeal

To Raise $4,000.00

Sunshine Fund Donations help support the many projects & initiatives of our Rotary Club. You can make a one-time donation or consider starting a monthly donation. Over 5,500 children & youth will benefit from your donation.

Your donation, whether it be a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, can make a significant impact on the lives of children and youth in Hamilton and beyond. For example..

  • a monthly donation of $10 can provide nutritional snacks to children in local schools,
  • $20 can support after school programs provide books to kids,
  • $25 can support Junior Achievement Programs for school students
  • $50 can help send a child to the Summer Literacy Camp.
  • A one-time donation of $100 can support international projects, such as the Liberian Learning Centre.

Your donation will help our Rotary Club raise the $4,000 needed for 100% support of our club’s work. Make your donation to the Sunshine Fund today and know that you are making a difference in the lives of children and youth. No need to sell tickets or volunteer, your donation is a simple gesture of kindness that can have a big impact.  Thank you!

Make your Sunshine Fund Members Donation. No event to sell tickets or volunteer at. A simple gesture of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of children & youth locally and internationally.

The Rotary Sunshine Fund is the charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Hamilton. The Sunshine Fund allows Rotary the opportunity to receive donations and sponsorships and be able to acknowledge those gifts with a tax receipt under the guidelines of CRA.

Don’t underestimate the power of a small donation to our Sunshine Fund

Your support of the Sunshine Fund creates Big Impacts in our community. 100% of donations are used to support various projects and initiatives of our Rotary Club. Small acts…. that have BIG Impacts!

  • COREKids – Free after school Programming in the Landsdale- Gibson Neighbourhoods
  • Rotary Summer Literacy Program offers 2-3 weeks of barrier free camp style programming
  • A Book for Every Child – Literacy projects that include a Little Library Box, Books, Books, Books Project and our Free Book Friday book fairs that putt over 2000 books in the hands of children & youth
  • Junior Achievement programming and the annual World of Choices Career Exploration Day
  • Liberian Learning Centre·      
  • Local community causes that address poverty reduction, and food security for children, youth and families

Help us raise $4000 and reach our goal of 100% Member participation. Make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly donation. Small act with BIG Impacts!

The Rotary Club of Hamilton holds events, fundraisers and internal Sunshine Fund Member’s Appeal Campaign to raise funds needed to support various projects and initiatives, All of these small acts create a BIG impact in our local & international Communities!

Small Acts…Big Impacts FROM THE PAST!

  • Our Pandemic Cares Project sourced and delivered over $6000 worth of PPE to frontline service providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • We support a number of projects related to inner city children and literacy – COREKids After School Program, Rotary Rocks Curling Program, Rotary Summer Literacy Program
  • We fill tummies and put the smiles on the faces of over 700 local children at the Rotary Children’s Christmas Celebration
  • We are raising funds to End Polio
  • We are engaged in building a community centre in Liberia – The Liberian Learning Centre which will include a library
  • We raised funds to support Food4Kids during the pandemic