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February 15th – Bill Kelly  | Uncensored!

February 12, 2024


Bill Kelly, a distinguished figure in Southern Ontario’s news and political commentary scene, boasts a remarkable career spanning over five decades in broadcasting. As a native of Hamilton, he has significantly contributed to the local and broader media landscape. His extensive experience includes hosting over 10,000 live radio and television shows, which has solidified his […]

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February 8th Health Care in the Keith Hub

February 6, 2024


The Hamilton Family Medicine Primary Care Network — a collaboration of stakeholders developing the care hub at the centre on Wentworth Street North — will be finalizing their model in January, deciding on how the hub will operate, including access to family doctors. The new Health Care Hub will provide family medicine and services for […]

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Scott Carmichael: A True Reflection of ‘Service Above Self’

January 30, 2024

Scott Carmichael

In the heart of Hamilton, where community and camaraderie blend seamlessly, stands a figure exemplary of the Rotary Club’s ethos – Scott Carmichael. As the President of DW Painting and Wallpapering, Scott doesn’t just transform spaces; he redefines them, infusing style and elegance into every corner of Hamilton’s homes. But his magic doesn’t end there. […]

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Biz Profile – Jon Evans Photography: A Jewel in the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s Crown

January 16, 2024

Jon Evans - Biz Profile

Meet Jon Evans… A photographer and a Rotarian The Rotary Club of Hamilton, a beacon of community service and camaraderie, proudly celebrates over 113 years of unwavering commitment to our local community. Among its esteemed members is Jon Evans Photography, a name synonymous with artistic excellence and community involvemen The Rotary Club of Hamilton: A […]

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Rotary Biz Profile: Tim Ellis MTS Paralegal Services

January 10, 2024

Tim Ellis Paralegal MTS Paralegal Services

Celebrating Timothy Ellis: A Paralegal Luminary and Esteemed Rotarian at the Rotary Club of Hamilton The Rotary Club of Hamilton takes immense pride in highlighting the extraordinary contributions and skills of one of our esteemed members, Timothy Ellis, a distinguished paralegal at MTS Paralegal Services. Timothy’s unparalleled expertise in legal matters, especially in small claims […]

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