We are on the MOVE!

After many years of meetings at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, our Rotary Club will be looking for a new location for our meetings. Due to the costs of lunch at the AGH as well as the minimum people that they required, we could not financially remain meeting there.

It has been a goal of our Rotary Club to raise funds for the good cause that we support and to use 100% of those funds for such. Unlike some other Rotary Clubs, we do not use fundraising dollars to cover meeting costs or Rotary operations. As you know, our membership dues are higher, so we can accomplish this goal. We are proud to say that 100% of funds raised support the projects and initiatives that affect children, youth and their families!

Starting in October we held meetings at the Lincoln Alexander Centre. We had 3 meetings at this location. Starting in November we will be hosting our meetings at Paparella’s Restaurant located in the Visitor’s Inn. Both locations have great qualities and would make a great new location for our meetings. Both venues have pros and cons, and both have been able to keep costs within our budget.

In late November, we will be asking our Rotarians to select their preferred location. The selected location will become our new home. The trial period has provided us with a great opportunity to test drive both potential locations, try the food, set-up, and see what preference works best for our members.

We are on the move, join us for our weekly meetings Thursday at Noon. Great food, networking and fellowship!

See you at Rotary!