The Christmas Spirit is alive & well thanks to Rotarians!


The annual Rotary Children’s Christmas Celebration was held at Cathy Wever School on December 11th. This magical day happens because of the efforts of Rotarians, friends and volunteers! Over 650 children enjoy a traditional Christmas feast with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Each child received a goodie bag filled with treat and a scarf thanks to our friends at BMO.

We had so many great volunteers from Aviva, Hamilton Police Service, our friends the Hamilton Fire Fighters, and the many friends and family members of Rotarians. Thank you, to all the volunteers who help make this event happen. Your efforts in setting up tables, caring plates, cutting turkey and buttering buns and clean-up help make this event special!

We cannot forget the outstanding entertainment from Rob Blunsdon, Turkey Rhubarb and the Broadway Bound Dancers and Singers. Thanks to the many individuals who supported the event by donating funds as wells as our partners BMO, GT French, St Charle’s, and St Leonard’s GreenByte program that gave away 20 laptop computers to lucky students.

We even had a special visit from Santa Clause who wished every child a Merry Christmas and indicated that all the volunteers and Rotarians made the good list again this year!

Thanks to our friend Shelly Marriage from CHCH TV we event made the 6 O’clock news with a feature story! President Peter did a great job!

It was such a magical day filled with food, entertainment, fun and the spirit of the Christmas season.

Rotarian Kevin Anstee said “ What it means to be a Rotarian: worked hard to serve 680 kids at Cathy Wever school and as I was leaving with a sense of gratitude, a random little kid ran up to us, said nothing and gave us a hug. Priceless and proud to be a member of our club and the great things we do for others!”

Thank you to all of our partners, volunteers and Rotarians who help make this special day! You have made magic happen for 650 students in our community!

“This Christmas dinner is fantastic! Every year I am amazed at the time/effort/hard work/donations/enthusiasm/etc., that Rotary members put into this event. Thank you very much!! Sometimes I’m not sure that you realize how important you and your events are to the children. They love their Christmas dinner and everything else that they experience on that day-from gifts to entertainment to smiles and conversation with adults who value them and are role modelling what respected and respectful adults do! I’m rambling (I’m not very good on email, catch me at the dinner and I’ll tell you in person how great you are-and how great it is that you do the things you do for these unbelievably needy cute faces).Thank you, thank you!”
Laura Laverty, Public Health Nurse – Cathy Wever School

Rotary Club of Hamilton students of Cathy Wever

Rotary Club of Hamilton gave 20 students of Cathy Wever a refurbished computer

Peter Quaglia, President 2014 of Rotary Club of Hamilton with children of Cathy Wever

Peter Quaglia, President 2014 of Rotary Club of Hamilton with children of Cathy Wever