Still Much to do as Rotarians and Leaders!

No Rotary Meetings, but that doesn’t mean you are not a ROTARIAN!

The Rotary Motto “Service Above Self” can be the spirit that is needed during these times. As Rotarians and leaders, we can play a very important role. Here are a few suggestions that we can be active Rotarians and serving our community:

  • If you are able and have at-risk neighbors (including older adults and those with severe chronic illnesses), check in to see if you can assist by doing things like grocery shopping for them or just offering support.
  • Shop Local and support small business -A vital yet easily overlooked way to support your community during the time of the coronavirus pandemic is by shopping locally. While major stores and chains will most likely survive whatever dip in customer traffic comes, smaller businesses will bear the brunt of it. Can you get a gift card or do some online shopping with a local small business? Don’t forget your fellow Rotarian who owns and operates a business!
  • Donate Blood. There is always a need for blood and the byproducts. Giving Blood is one of the best ways to help during a crisis.
  • DONATE MONEY. Certain organizations will help provide much-needed resources to individuals and families who may be economically disadvantaged during this time. We have heard calls for assistance from Food4Kids and the United Way as they are assisting local needs. You can also make a donation to the Sunshine Fund at as we know that Rotary will be called upon to offer community support in the near future.
  • Be a Good Rotarian – Here s your chance to spend some time learning more about Rotary. Our website, social media will be updated with new information about our Rotary projects. has so many great stories, resources and information about the great work Rotarians do
  • Literacy – Do you have extra books at home. Why not drop them off at our Little Library in front of Cathy Wever School 160 Wentworth St N. The books are always enjoyed by children, youth and adults in the community

We may not be meeting for lunch and a speaker; we can still be proud members of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and remain engaged in our community. Don’t forget to pick up the phone or send and email to a fellow Club Member. Our Clubrunner has all the contact information for each member. If you have not used Clubrunner, need instructions or password, please send us a note and we will walk you through the process.

Please stay safe and healthy!