Timothy Ellis

MTS Paralegal Services

Timothy Robert Ellis is a highly skilled and experienced paralegal, licensed by the Law Society of Ontario since 2009. His expertise primarily lies in Small Claims Court practice, where he represents clients within the legal system. Ellis is renowned for his strong negotiation skills, which have been pivotal in achieving successful outcomes for his clients. His ability to maintain positive relationships with lawyers, adjusters, and judges in his community is a testament to his excellent interpersonal skills.

Ellis’s professional journey includes a significant role as the General Manager/Paralegal for a local Personal Injury Law firm. In this capacity, he negotiated leases, staff compensation, and purchase prices with various vendors and suppliers. Additionally, his background in the Payday Loan industry has endowed him with extensive experience in the Small Claims Courts, particularly in matters of business-related money collection.

His commitment to professional development is evident from his achievements, including graduating with the Highest Award of Achievement from the Dale Carnegie course in 2012. Ellis is also a proud member of the Paralegal Society of Ontario since 2011.