Rotary Exchange Student – Konsta – Thank you email

Konsta arriving home at the airport

Konsta arriving home at the airport

The Rotary Club of Hamilton welcomes each year exchange students to stay and participate with our club and get the experience of living and being in Canada.   We were blessed with a wonderful thank you message to all our members from Konsta’s mother.

I would like to find the most beautiful words even to thank your club members for helping Konsta to grow up so much. He is the same boy as a year ago but however, so different. His smile is broad and brave, he has got opinions of his own, he speaks and speaks and is so much more active than the Konsta we sent to Canada. Konsta has an exciting day tomorrow because the school starts. After this exchange year our youngest son has much more air under his wings. He has got lots of new courage to meet the challenges of “The Life”.  It has been more than pleasant for us to listen how beautifully and

appreciative Konsta speaks about so many adults

There are very many Canadians who have got a big place in Konsta’s heart.

Long live the “Rotary Club of Hamilton”.

Konsta Mother