Rotarian at Work – Happy Labour Day!

Rotarian at workHappy Labour Day weekend! An opportunity to celebrate the achievements of workers. As you take this rest from your day to day work, we also want to recognize the hard work of our Rotarians. Our Rotary Club was founded on hard work – it takes work to find time for weekly meetings, it takes work to network, it takes work to help raise funds for some great cause, it takes work to belong to an international organization that helps make our world better.

To all the WORKERS in Rotary, those who step up and become a committee chairperson, serve on the Board of Directors, help run one of our fundraising events or those that help at our weekly meeting THANK YOU!

Membership is work especially in Rotary. We ask that you work weekly on helping raise awareness of Rotary and the great work that we do, we ask you to work on committees and work at raising the funds needed to help others. The work will always be there, but Rotarians hold a special place in the hearts and minds of so many. You may not hear often how your work has made a difference, and you seldom get enough kudos for the work that you do, but your work benefits so many in our local and international community.

Your work has helped make sure a child received the Polio vaccination, your work will help make sure a child has a chance to enjoy reading a good book, and your work has helped fill tummies and bring smiles to many children. You are doing the most important work in the world and you do it because you are a Rotarian.

Please stop for a few minutes this weekend and rest, take a deep breath and pause to think how your work or service has made a difference in the world. Only a few get to enjoy knowing that their service or work is and will continue to make a big difference in our world….these individuals are ROTARIANS. Thank you for being a Rotarian and making big impacts through small acts!