President – Kevin Anstee | Message to all Rotary Members

President’s Message

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is an outstanding service organization with a unique and compelling story to tell. Our club has helped hundreds of thousands of people in need in our local and international communities for well over 100 years. As the original Rotary Club of Hamilton, we constantly strive to reach our vision of engaging the Hamilton community to enable children and youth, locally and internationally, to reach their full potential.

Service above self is certainly at the heart of our clubs vision. But along with service, two important words also emerge: leadership and purpose. The Rotary Club of Hamilton encourages and supports its members to take a leadership role in all aspects of their lives. The Rotary Club of Hamilton is also a community that encourages and supports people to live lives that are meaningful and engaged. Indeed, the members in our club are recognized everywhere as compassionate, caring, contributing members of society who make a positive difference in the communities we touch.

While other service clubs may value leadership and purpose, it is not with the same depth and focus. Integrating sympathy for others with social engagement is within our very DNA. This linkage is so natural for us that sometimes we fail to notice how much of a difference we make through our leadership and purpose in the lives of those less fortunate than us. In short, the Rotary Club of Hamilton is about serving humanity. I am pleased to say that these two words are the starting point and the foundation for telling the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s story.

More than a marketing slogan, Serving Humanity will be this years Rotary International theme that shapes everything we say and communicate about our club. It will also serve as a lens through which we view new initiatives, new programs, new directions, and indeed, our future. The Rotary Club of Hamilton is a remarkable service club with a long tradition of serving humanity. As we enter our 104th year, I encourage you to join me in telling the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s story to the world. We are original leaders, with purpose, serving humanity, and proud to belong to the greatest service club in Canada!

Proudly Yours In Rotary,

Kevin Anstee
Rotary Club of Hamilton