One Day One Focus Ending Polio

On World Polio Day, thousands of Rotary Clubs around the world will hold events and fundraisers to recognize our progress in the global fight to end polio. Today is World Polio Day, and as members of the Rotary Club of Hamilton we are proud to focus on ending Polio.

Our meeting today, on World Polio Day will include information about ending Polio. Over many years our club and members have raise funds and awareness to end Polio. There are several ways that you can help in ending Polio:

  • Awareness – Help spread the word. We have a number of scheduled social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please share, retweet, Like and post your own social media post about Polio
  • Be informed – Visit the  website to learn about the fight to end Polio and how Rotary and Rotary Clubs are making a difference around the world
  • Support – Consider making a donation on World Polio Day to help end Polio. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will triple your contribution, getting us even closer to a polio-free world. to make your donation

The Rotary Club of Hamilton was proud to have the iconic HAMILTON Sign lit in the colours of Polio (red & yellow) over night. We had our members as well as Rotarians from the Hamilton AM Club, Stoney Creek and the Hamilton Evening Clubs join us in front of the sign. We also had a Rotary Exchange Student from Croatia. We have loaded all the photos on our Facebook page and included a few here.

World Polio Day – We need your voice to help us end polio now. Get involved and spread the message so that we can end the second human disease in history.