Local Love for the United Way

Did you know that our local United Way is one of our largest funders of Rotary programs? The CORE Kids After School Program receives 74% of it’s funding from the United Way to operate our free after school program. The funding is used to cover the payroll for our youth coordinators, nutritional snacks, materials for crafts, instructors and program costs. We could not operate this after school program without the support of the United Way funding.

We are encouraging Rotarians to consider supporting our local United Way campaign. So many local programs are supported by the United Way including our CORE Kids After School. Over 175 children in the Wever Community rely on this barrier free after school program.

Your support is what makes the heartbeat of the community stronger. Show your #LocalLove today.

The CORE After School Program offers barrier free programming to many of our local children & youth. When the bell rings after school children know that there is a safe and fun place to be active, learn and just be themselves.

The CORE Kids Program would not be possible without the funding support we receive from the United Way of Halton Hamilton. That is right, the snack program, basketball, homework help, crafts, dance, cool zone and circus time would not take place without the funding we receive from the United Way.

Your support of the United Way makes a huge impact in our community, these children can participate in a barrier free program, because you give to the United Way. We have young leaders who gain experience and employment as Program Coordinators because of your support of the United Way.

Each day after school, we see children enjoying the Wever Core programs like the CORE Kids Programs, running, laughing, learning and all because of your support of the United Way. We know we don’t say thank you enough, but we are all grateful of the support we receive from your support of our United Way. Your donation makes a difference right here in our community and benefits our kids!

The community urgently needs your help. Your United Way is at 79% of goal. With 6 weeks to go, more than 200,000 people in Halton & Hamilton are counting on you to take action. 

Help support free after school programming for local children in our community through your support of the United Way. Show your #LocalLove today.