Biz Profile – Jon Evans Photography: A Jewel in the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s Crown

Meet Jon Evans… A photographer and a Rotarian

The Rotary Club of Hamilton, a beacon of community service and camaraderie, proudly celebrates over 113 years of unwavering commitment to our local community. Among its esteemed members is Jon Evans Photography, a name synonymous with artistic excellence and community involvemen

The Rotary Club of Hamilton: A Legacy of Service
For more than a century, the Rotary Club of Hamilton has been a cornerstone of community service. Its long-standing tradition of supporting local businesses and initiatives has been instrumental in nurturing a vibrant community.

Celebrating Local Businesses: The Rotary Club’s Pride
In a world where global corporations often overshadow local enterprises, the Rotary Club of Hamilton stands firm in its support of local businesses. It’s our belief that these businesses, like Jon Evans Photography, are the heartbeat of our community.

Jon Evans: A Master Behind the Lens
Jon Evans, a revered name in the world of photography, has been capturing the essence of moments and people since 1999. His award-winning work spans branding portraits, headshots, food, industrial, and architectural photography, each category a testament to his versatility and artistic vision.

Award-Winning Talent: Jon Evans’ Recognitions
Jon’s accolades are a reflection of his mastery and dedication. Twice named “Best Photographer in Canada” and a “40 Under 40” awardee, Jon’s portfolio is a gallery of excellence and creativity.

The Art of Branding Portraits and Headshots
Specializing in branding portraits and headshots, Jon has a unique ability to encapsulate an individual’s persona and professional ethos, making each portrait a story in itself.

Culinary Elegance: Food Photography
Jon’s food photography is a feast for the eyes. His lens brings out the subtleties and elegance of culinary creations, making each dish not just a meal but a work of art.

Industrial and Architectural Photography
In industrial and architectural photography, Jon’s work highlights the beauty in structures and machinery, his photographs a blend of technical precision and aesthetic appeal.

Videography: Capturing Motion and Emotion
Jon’s foray into videography further showcases his storytelling prowess, capturing not just images but narratives and emotions in motion.

Accreditations and Professional Recognition
Jon’s work is nationally recognized and accredited in multiple photography categories, underscoring his expertise and commitment to quality.

The Community Impact of Jon Evans Photography
Beyond the lens, Jon Evans Photography contributes significantly to our community, embodying the Rotary Club’s ethos of service and excellence.

A Partnership with Purpose: Rotary Club and Jon Evans
The synergy between Jon Evans Photography and the Rotary Club of Hamilton is a model of how local businesses and community organizations can collaborate for the greater good.

Why Choose Jon Evans Photography?
For those seeking photographic services that combine artistic flair with a commitment to community, Jon Evans Photography is the go-to choice.

Jon Evans Photography is not just a business; it’s a vital part of the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s fabric. Together, we celebrate not only his professional achievements but also his role in enriching our community.


  1. What types of photography does Jon Evans specialize in?
    Jon specializes in branding portraits, headshots, food, industrial, and architectural photography, as well as videography.
  2. How has Jon Evans contributed to the community?
    Jon’s contributions extend beyond photography, actively participating in community initiatives and embodying the Rotary Club’s values.
  3. Why is Jon Evans Photography important to the Rotary Club of Hamilton?
    His business represents the blend of professional excellence and community involvement that the Rotary Club values.
  4. What makes Jon Evans stand out as a photographer?
    His ability to capture the essence of a subject, combined with his artistic creativity and technical skill, sets him apart.
  5. How can one learn more about Jon Evans Photography?
    Visit Jon Evans Photography for a comprehensive view of his work and services.