Important Announcement – Rotary Welcomes Santa as Member

Notice to the Membership of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and the General Public

 It is with great pleasure that current President Heather Moroz and President elect Alex Moroz of the Rotary Club of Hamilton announce the induction of Kris Kringle, more often referred to in the contemporary vernacular as Santa Clause, as an honorary member of Rotary.

In approving the induction of Mr. Kringle, the board of directors of the Rotary Club of Hamilton cited his commitment to serving children and adults around the world, his role as an ambassador of kindness, his gift giving and his compassion as exemplifying the Rotary principle of ‘Service Above Self’.

Mr. Kringle or Santa Claus as he is more affectionally referred to has been a strong supporter of the Rotary Club of Hamilton for the past 103 years. He is an annual visitor to the Christmas lunch served by club members to over 700 children at Cathy Wever Elementary School. Of course, club members cherish their own childhood memories of this jovial, kind man and his Christmas eve visits.

During his visit this year to Cathy Wever School on December 12, 2019 Santa Claus will be presented with his honourary recognition as a member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton in acknowledgement of his life-long meritorious and exceptional service to the spirit of Christmas, to children around the world and to humanity.

“Having had more than a passing acquaintance with the role that Mr. Kringle plays in the lives and imagination of children I am excited to be a part of this honourary bestowal of Rotary membership upon Santa Claus. It is richly deserved” Alex Moroz, President Elect Rotary Club of Hamilton.

“More than once, admittedly a bad boy at times in my childhood, Santa Claus delivered gifts under my family Christmas tree. He was a hero in my life long before Superman or Batman were.” David Elliot, Member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton board of directors.