Happy Birthday Rotary Club of Hamilton Turns 103

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It was on this day (June 23, 1913) at 26 King William St downtown Hamilton, at Young’s Cafe that 4 gentlemen officially started Rotary Club of Hamilton.

  • First meeting of the Rotary Club of Hamilton – Thursday June 23, 1913 1:10pm at Young’s Cafe, 26 King William Street (aka – Listerblock)
  • The club was started by: Bruce Carey (Famous Hamilton Conductor), Russel T Kelly (Kelly Advertising) , Arthur Bell  and Charlie McCallough were the 4 gentlemen who started the formation of the club.    Others that attended the lunch to help put it together included Bill Peace, George C Coppley, Harry Russell and Bill Seymour

It was from that day Rotary Club of Hamilton was the original club that has for years contributed to the community helping with parks, camps and even across the world helped with eradicating Polio.

Rotary Club of Hamilton

1913 – 1:10pm at 26 King William St. Hamilton Rotary Club of Hamilton started at Young’s Cafe

Happy Birthday Rotary club of Hamilton!  Be proud to join the original Rotary Club of Hamilton and give back to your community and make some fantastic friends along the way!