Club Program

Club Program & Fellowship

Director: Laura Farr

Rotary Celebration Event

Chair: Past President
Summary: The Rotary Celebration Event is organized by the immediate Past President and is a recognition of the outgoing President’s year and a welcome to the incoming President. It is a celebration of the accomplishment s of Rotary and a time to acknowledge the contributions of fellow Rotarians and the work of the club during the past year. It is also a time when we give Paul Harris Fellowships to both internal and external recipients. It is a great time for fellowship as we begin the summer months and end the Rotary year.

Weekly Program Committee

Chair: Laura Farr
Summary: This committee is responsible for speakers for the weekly program portion of club meetings. The committee determines the themes for the month or year based on the goals and objectives of the Club. Guided by the priorities of Rotary International, the club and the community, appropriate speakers are selected. Often the committee identifies speakers based on topics which are relevant to the issues and of interest to the membership.


Fellowship and Fun

Summary: Organized fellowship and fun events are arranged for club members. The events could be a boat tour on the lake, a pub night, ski trips or other ideas the group or membership may have for just getting together.