Being a Good Rotarian Means Showing Up!

We understand that life, work and family can be hectic and that makes it difficult for members to attend the Club meeting every week. We would like to speak of the importance of regular attendance.  When you were invited to join Rotary, it was because we felt you were the right person to represent your vocation. In addition, we assumed you were anxious to do something for the community. To do this, you need to know members whose efforts are directed in the same channels. It is reasonable to say that you cannot do a good job if you don’t attend meetings.

Our Rotary Club has no meeting the first Thursday of the Month. At times we will host fellowship events or service projects on the first Thursday. The attempt is to reduce the financial impact of weekly lunch fees while be more flexible.

Each week, our Programming Director aims to invite a speaker that has a topic of interest. The lunch & learning opportunity aims to educate and inspire Rotarians on local and international topics and causes. In addition, we have a minimum catering costs of 18 people per week, we enjoy the meeting location and food, but cannot lose money.

Our Club President aims to inform Rotarians of the many projects and initiatives that our Club and Committees are involved in and doing while our Sergeant at Arms raises some funds for Rotary and has fun. Our weekly meetings are filled with information, fellowship and FUN!

Why all this insistence upon attendance you may ask? Because only through your active participation can your own interest be maintained and the Club benefit from your membership. To serve through Rotary, you must be with Rotary. When you miss a weekly meeting, you can do a make-up and visit another Rotary Club

You can do a make-up online at home in your pajamas simply by reading Rotary articles for 30 minutes and submitting a form that will automatically notify our club Secretary of your make up here:

Or you can attend any other Rotary Club meeting (preferably not in your pajamas!). If you do this be sure to get a make-up form from the club Secretary and turn it in to our Club Secretary. Other Rotary Club meetings is a fun way to meet new people, make new business associates, hear new speakers and get ideas to bring back to our club to help improve it. I highly recommend that if you have never attended another club meeting, you do so right away. It’s a very refreshing and eye-opening experience! Remember that Rotary Clubs meet around the world, what a great experience to visit another Rotary Club in another City, Province or Country!

By attending our weekly Rotary Meetings, you will be an engaged Rotarian learning about the difference we make in the lives of over 5000 children, youth and families locally and internationally. You will enjoy lunch, hear a great speaker, network and enjoy the fellowship of Rotarians. Our weekly meetings provide each person with the ability to be informed and be able to be engaged in Service Above Self.

Rotary is no different than most things in life…You only get out of Rotary what you put into Rotary. If you are missing our weekly meetings, you are missing out on so much. Make the effort to make our weekly meetings a priority in your schedule. Bring a colleague, spouse or friend – why not share Rotary with others. Hope to see you at our next meeting!