Weekly Meeting – Guest Speaker – Todd Griffiths

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Remaining Independent in your Home

As a former veteran, Todd Griffiths, the owner, and CEO of 100% Canadian owned company named, Pulse Medical is located in Hamilton. Todd began Pulse Medical after being medically released from the Navy due to a diving accident. Todd enjoys working with seniors and found that the need for a personal alert device (medical pendant) is a larger issue than most of us are aware of, and thus Pulse was created to spread awareness of the subject of seniors falling inside the home. He will focus on the risks and stresses the need for a medical alert device to lessen the length of hospital visits and to ultimately save the lives of our senior population.

Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older. Seniors who are hospitalized from a fall, remain in the hospital for 9 days longer than those hospitalized for any other cause. Seniors who live alone, are at a much greater risk of dying from a fall, due to being unable to receive immediate attention. Statistics Canada is demonstrating the need to create awareness for fall prevention due to the risks associated with falling inside the home. You will learn some solutions to minimize the risks of falling are staying fit, installing equipment in the bathroom, and reducing exposed wires or throw rugs.