Weekly Meeting – Guest Speaker -Rochelle Martin, RN, BScN, MDiv, CPMHN(C), Funeral Alternatives

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Let’s Talk about Death

Rochelle Martin- RN, BScN, MDiv, CPMHN(C)

We are all going to die, even though we’d rather not admit it.  But what are we to do with this existential reality of our mortality?  This talk will challenge us to embrace our dying with integrity:  How will we die in a way worthy of our lives?   How can we teach and re-learn what it means to live into our dying in a way that contributes to our communities, and protects our environment?  We can die, and care for our dead, *better.* First steps toward affordable, sustainable, and ecological funeral alternatives will be suggested.  Together, we can reclaim death as a natural, accepted, and honored part of life.