Weekly Meeting – Guest Speaker – Dr. Jerry Morris

Event Details

Dr. Jerry Morris, D.C.

Dr. Jerry Morris, CEO and President of Paramount Family Chiropractic will speak on:

S.H.I.E.L.D- Preparing for Performance and Productivity in all aspects of Your Life.

Dr. Morris has identified six basic requirements essential to good health and teaches his SHIELD program to companies and organizations. If You were the owner of a professional sports team. You would be sure to have Your athletes fully prepared to perform their best on game day. However, most individuals are pressed for time with so many responsibilities and demands on their time that they still manage to show up for work but are not able to bring their very best. The interactive SHIELD presentation will engage and educate the participants on the simple and doable Lifestyle changes that produce consistent results. Those who apply the SHIELD program report better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, better mood, decreased stress levels and increased productivity in all aspects of their life. We will supply the tracking cards, posters, handouts and follow up to ensure that each participant can experience the proven benefits of this Presentation.