Israel: Behind the scenes and the headlines.

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  • Venue: Visitors Inn

Alan Livingston, our long-time member, will speak on his recent trip to Israel, mainly through photos.

Alan and his wife Yael visited Israel last Spring, with a side trip into Jordan to see Petra and Wadi Rum.

He’ll show some of the amazing geography and history they experienced, and how modern and cosmopolitan Israel is.

The trip included hiking in the Galilee, and bicycling through one of the busiest thoroughfares for bird migrations in the world.

He’ll also show photos of walking tours through old neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, and take you underground and around into some of the phenomenal discoveries that have been unearthed there.

Alan will briefly discuss the peaceful border and relations with the Kingdom of Jordan as seen in his visit to Petra and with the bedouin there, as well as give some examples of Arab-Jewish coexistence in Israel.