CORE Kids Program Goals

CORE Kids is focusing the efforts and passion of the community on creating a CORE program based environment in the neighbourhood. By bringing partners, community members, children, youth and families together, we can strive to improve our neighbourhood and equip young people with the tools to succeed and the hope of a bright future.

Children gain valuable life skills that can improve their quality of life and their future prospects.  By participating in sports and organized activities, they improve their performance skills while learning to cooperate and function as team members.  This develops social skills and improves interpersonal management.  It also builds their self-esteem, confidence and contributes to a positive self-image.  Leadership skills developed through many of the Wever CORE programs have allowed several past participants to return as employees of the program, sharing their experience and expertise, earning money and gaining valuable work experience.  The ability to offer participants employment is an outcome that was never anticipated yet it is possibly the greatest indicator of success in terms of developing pro-social, leadership skills in the youth of this community.

CORE Kids (Creating Opportunities in Recreation & Education)

CORE Programs & Initiatives

Rotary Summer Literacy Program:

“The day starts with being greeted by a Rotarian. Then we proceed to our teams and meet all of our new friends. We sing songs, read stories and get to dream about being a super hero. We play outside, make cool pictures and then it is time to go home…. Just another day at the Rotary Summer Literacy Program. It is so much FUN!!!!”

The Rotary Summer Literacy Program operates 3 two week sessions. This free program is offered to young people across Hamilton with a focus on youth at risk. Children attend the program to have fun during the summer months—no more teacher, no more books…not the case here. The fun activities promote and encourage reading and the love for learning. Over 200 children attend the program daily and many will maintain their literacy level over the summer holidays when many children’s level regress. There is a lot of fun and laughter that happens, but there is also a lot of learning.

Rotarians Go To Camp…

Summer camp is not just for kids! The Rotary Summer Literacy Program has been visited each day by one of our club members. The Rotarian of the Day program engages our Rotarians to visit the Rotary Summer Literacy program and to see first-hand how the program operates and the value of the program.

The Rotarian of the Day greets the children and their parents, then joins the campfire song session and story read out loud. The response has been great! The parents meet the Rotarians, the young people get to meet positive role models and Rotarians can see first-hand what their Sunshine Fund Donations help support.

Help send a kid to camp! A $25 donation helps put a book in the hand of a child and allows them to participate in the Rotary Summer Literacy Program for free. You can help send a kid to camp by donating at

CORE KIds After School Program:

The  CORE Kids program is a free after school program targeting at-risk children 7 to 13 years old in the impoverished, ethno-culturally diverse Wever community.  It is nationally recognized as a best practices model for after school programs. The program runs from 2:30pm to 4:00pm daily (September to June) at Mission Services, Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre, & Cathy Wever School and provides barrier-free access to structured, high quality recreational, social and educational activities that help build developmental assets. We actively engage Wever children, youth and families to participate using various community outreach strategies and strive to create a supportive, welcoming atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance. Visit for more information and details.

Books Book, Books Program:

A book for every child. Partnering with the Hamilton Public Library and First Books Canada, we distribute books to every child. Over 650 children at Cathy Wever School will receive a book of their choice to take home and enjoy. The Rotary Club of Hamilton also created the Christopher Cutler Memorial Little Library Box in front of Cathy Wever School. The Little Library is filled with books and related items that children, youth and families can enjoy and create their own book collection.

Children’s Christmas Celebration:

The annual Children’s Christmas Celebration makes magic happen. Over 650 children receive a traditional turkey dinner, a new book, mittens & a toque and enjoy a magical day. This is one of our largest hands on service projects, as we engage Rotarians and friends to help make this magic happen. We raise funds to offset cost through Virtual Stockings ($25 covers the cost of food, a book, a hat & mittens for 3 students). What better way to get into the festive spirit than filling tummies and making smiles happen!

Why We Reach Out

True to the Rotary way of Service Above Self, we enjoy our time at Cathy Wever School because we feel it makes a difference. The “thank-you”s and smiles we get from the kids makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes they take some of their own time and create “thank-you” messages for us. Here are a couple of examples:

Thank You 1
Thank You 2

Thank you to Cathy Wever School and the Wever CORE for giving our club the opportunity to serve you.