Community Service

Community Service


Telling Tales
Chair: Susan Jasper

This committee presents Telling Tales, a free festival where families can discover stories together, set in beautiful historic Westfield Heritage Village. It’s a day when we leave our technology behind and stories and history are coming alive. Check out the website at

Thank you to our wonderful Telling Tales committee!
Chair – Susan Jasper
Co-Chair – open
Tim Galvin
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Fundraising & Stewardship
Penny Groves Chair
Sherry Lucia Co-chair
Don Jaffray
Tina Eidukaitas
Kim Shipley
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Volunteer Recruitment
Anne Bermingham – Chair
Julie Shea – Co-Chair
Marie Robbins
Marvin Caplan
Richard Allen
Paul Takala
Marketing Committee
Judy Boswell – Chair
Mark Tharme – Co-Chair
Drea Baptiste
Heather Culham
Mindy Tweedle
Selection Committee and Festival Outreach
Laura Lukasik Chair – HPL
Sharon Springstead Campbell
Nancy McKibben Gray
Lisa Hunter – Chair
Evelyn Myrie – Book Swap and Shop
Heather Culham
Lori Fraser – OEY
Kim Burns – ELH
Lynda Coleman
Paul Gibel- Chair
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David Bradley
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Transportation and Communication
Joe Curto – Chair – HWCDSB
Sarah Roarke – HWDSB
Rondalyn Brown- Westfield
Duane Dahl – Boys and Girls Club Hamilton and Burlington
Janet Carter – First Student Canada
Sheila Land – Hilllfield-Strathallan College
Wendy Coleman – HWDSB

Inner City and Youth Initiatives Committee

Chair: Peter Quaglia
Summary: The ICYIC meets bi-monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 8:00 am at Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home. The focus of the committee is to make a positive difference for the inner city children, youth and families of Hamilton. The committee works with community groups and partners to develop projects and initiatives to benefit the community. The committee continues to work on several on-going projects including the Summer Literacy Program run by Robert Blunsden. Our partnership with Cathy Wever School continues to grow.

Cathy Wever School & the Wever Community Hub

Over the past several years the ICYIC has adopted Cathy Wever School and works with the Wever CORE. Rotary supports programs and initiatives at the school which include nutritional snacks, literacy, free after school programming (WAVE After School Program) and educational trips. The annual Christmas lunch for over 700 staff and students at Cathy Wever School is one of the highlights of the Rotary year.

This partnership provides needed resources and free programming in one of Hamilton’s neediest communities. More information about the Wever Community Hub and the involvement of Rotary can be found at

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is the sponsoring organization for the WAVE After School Program offered at Norman ‘Pinky’ Lewis Recreation Centre. Each day, over 125 children enjoy free after school programs and a nutritional snack. The WAVE program is supported by the United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton. The WAVE After School program has a computer lab, offers crafts, homework help and skilled instruction programs – all for free!

Annual Children’s Christmas Party – Rotarians Make Magic Happen!

“This Christmas dinner is fantastic!
Every year I am amazed at the time/effort/hard work/donations/enthusiasm/etc, that Rotary members put into this event. Thank you very much!! Sometimes I’m not sure that you realize how important you and your events are to the children. They love their Christmas dinner and everything else that they experience on that day – from gifts to entertainment to smiles and conversation with adults who value them and are role modelling what respected and respectful adults do! I’m rambling (I’m not very good on email, catch me at the dinner and I’ll tell you in person how great you are-and how great it is that you do the things you do for these unbelievably needy cute faces).Thank you, thank you” Public health nurse.

Each December, the Rotary Club of Hamilton hosts an annual Christmas Lunch for 700 students at Cathy Wever School. All 700 children plus staff receive a hot turkey dinner, goodie bags and Christmas cheer and lots of great entertainment.

The Rotary Summer Literacy Program

The Rotary Summer Literacy Program is one of the key initiatives of this committee. The Rotary Summer Literacy program focuses on literacy development in at risk youth in the City of Hamilton. The summer program is based out of the Wever Hub in the inner city and at a school site on the mountain. The free program acts as a bridge between June and September providing children at risk the opportunity to develop literacy skills for three weeks in the summer. The program is designed to engage, enrich, educate and excite creating a truly special summer learning experience for one and all.

The success of the Rotary Summer Literacy Program has been overwhelming! The free summer camp type of program has over 500 participants each week. The program operates six weeks of programing. The results are impressive, and the feedback from parents and young people is positive.

Rotary Summer Literacy Program


 “The day starts with being greeted by a Rotarian. Then we proceed to our teams and meet all of our new friends. We sing songs, read stories and get to dream about being a super hero. We play outside, make cool pictures and then it is time to go home…. Just another day at the Rotary Summer Literacy Program.  It is so much FUN!!!!” Participant.

The Rotary Summer Literacy Program operates for five one-week sessions each summer.This free program is offered to young people across Hamilton with a focus on youth at risk. Children attend the program to have fun during the summer months—no more teacher, no more books…not the case here. The fun activities promote and encourage reading and the love for learning. More than 350 children attend the program daily and many will maintain their literacy level over the summer holidays when many children’s levels regress. There is a lot of fun and laughter that happens, but there is also a lot of learning.

 The ICYIC also supports programs and initiatives such as:

Keith Neighbourhood Hub & the BBQ in the park

The Rotary Club of Hamilton has a long and proud history of supporting the Keith Neighbourhood. Much of our community and inner city work started in this neighbourhood. Over the years, the Rotary Club of Hamilton has supported community activities such as Jazz on Mars, the annual BBQ at North Central Park. The Rotary Club of Hamilton has supported the neighbourhood through financial support of the playground and other park amenities at North Central Park.

Telling Tales Festival

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is pleased to be a sponsor and supporter of the Telling Tales Festival. Literacy is very important to our community and the Telling Tales Festival engages young and old. Find out more about the festival at

Adopt-a-Park program at Jackie Washington Rotary Park

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is GREEN! What better way to care for the environment and look after our local parks than to adopt-a-park. In partnership with the City of Hamilton, the Rotary Club has adopted Jackie Washington Rotary Park. In the fall of 2011, the park was selected for an Extreme Park Makeover. This included Rotarian volunteers who planted shrubs and bushes. Thanks to the support of the Hamilton Spectator Kids Unlimited a new 10 piece GreenGym was installed.


See our ICIYC   Funding Process for more information

Rick Broadfoot Memorial Reading Cart

Rick Broadfoot was a valuable member of the Rotary Club. He was to serve as president of the Rotary Club in 2007-08, when he passed away. Rick family requested that memorial donations be directed to the Rotary Club to create a literacy project. In discussions with the Librarian & Principal at Cathy Wever School, the Rick Broadfoot Memorial Book Cart was created. Using the funds from donations made in honour of Rick, a book cart and more than 700 books were purchased.

The Book Cart promotes literacy by engaging students to purchase a book of their choice from the book cart to encourage them to read at home and create their own home library. The money raised by the sales is used to purchase new books for the book cart.

In lieu of a gift for a presentation or speaker at the weekly Rotary meetings, a donation is made to the Rick Broadfoot Memorial Book Cart at Cathy Wever Elementary School in the name of the presenter/speaker.

The Book Cart is stocked yearly with books for all students. Each and every student has the opportunity to select a book from the book cart. During school events and open houses, the Book Cart is opened to encourage parents and students to purchase a book for their home reading pleasure.

“No skill is more critical to the future of a child, or to

A democratic and prosperous society, than literacy.”

All Star Reading Program

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Hamilton volunteer to read with students at Cathy Wever School. Each week Rotarians visit the school for 1 hour and read and work with students to improve their literacy skills and engage them in reading as a positive habit. Students, who require additional assistance, work with volunteer readers through the All Star Reading Program.

 After School Curling Program – WAVE After School Enhancement Program

The Rotary Club of Hamilton supports inner city children and youth, literacy and worldwide projects. One of its local projects is the Rotary Hot Shots After-School Curling Program for Cathy Wever School students who are mostly in grades 4 to 6. Two of their teachers walk with about 20 kids up Wentworth Street to King on Mondays during January, February and March to curl from 3:00 to 4:30 at the Hamilton Victoria Curling Club.

Rotarian John Clinton who initiated the curling program and is also one of the curling coaches says, “The program works because of the support of Cathy Wever School and the Hamilton Victoria Curling Club. The two teachers from Cathy Wever are experienced curlers and along with a volunteer curling club member, the four coaches provide instruction and supervision to the children.

Hamilton Victoria Curling Club has provided the use of their facilities at no charge. The curling club was having problems with vandalism and was looking for ways to reach kids in their community. The program is designed to build awareness of a downtown curling club as well as showing respect for facilities and others in the community. And because The Rotary Club of Hamilton has a history of working with inner city kids this was a unique opportunity to engage another group of young people.

Curling is played (and taught) with a lot of respect for the game and your opponent. Curlers shake hands before and after each game and wish the other team “good curling”. Curlers also call their own fouls and penalties and take pride in clean, honest play. The children have fun, are positively engaged in a healthy after school activity and for the volunteers, the opportunity to mentor and build positive relationships are also key to the success of the program.

The Rotary Club of Hamilton provides a small amount of funding to provide a nutritious snack each week and purchase some curling equipment. On the last day of curling the kids finish the season with a mini game followed by a pizza and ice cream party. Then they start getting ready for the next year.


Read the History of ICIYC.


Summary: Rotary Youth Leadership Award is a weeklong conference for youth 18-25 years. Attendees learn leadership and teamwork skills as well as work collectively on a service project that they will develop.